Jet Vac Sewer Rehabilitation Services

KPI utilizes purpose built jetter vacuum combination trucks produced by Vac Con and Super Products that are made in America. We use multiple configurations to tackle any job. The Super Products unit is the latest technology that uses Recycled waste water to jet that increases production time over 50% so we can get more done per day without the need to stop work to refill at a fresh water source every 20 minutes like traditional units. This gives our customers a greatly increased bang for their buck with more pipe cleaned per day and more time in the pipe and less time driving to hydrants to fill up. Our fleet also has both fan and PD blower vacuum systems on them to cover every vacuum project with the most effect method from Vacuum excavation, to over the ground vacuum projects or deep structures.

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Kenyon Pipeline Inspection - KPI Sewer

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection – KPI Sewer