About Kenyon Pipeline Inspection

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection was formed in 2011 by two brothers, Jake and Josh Kenyon. Jake and Josh started working in the pipeline industry in 2000. They have many years of experience which began as laborers and both progressed from years in the field to management and now the president and CEO of KPI LLC. We focus on the best interests of our clients with honesty and integrity. Our clients all have different needs and goals that we need to accommodate by offering a range of services. Personal service and communication are the #1 priorities of the KPI staff. We at KPI feel that strong business relationships will be forged on clear, concise and accurate production for all diverse scopes of work.

Our Mission:

KPI has a goal to provide top quality products, solutions and data to the trenchless market. We put forth every effort to guarantee that the expectations of our clients are met or exceeded. We stand behind the products and services we supply to ensure the satisfaction of our clients on each and every project. We continue to scour the marketplace to find the latest technology available to further improve our services and products.

Our Clients:

The local markets that we represent are not major metropolitan areas but the small communities similar to those we grew up in. Communities that have the same aging infrastructure without the budgets to contract repairs and inspections in large scale. We have structured our business model with these clients in mind. KPI strives to provide affordable services without sacrificing quality or technology.

Jake and Josh Kenyon are brothers that grew up in a small town in the Adirondacks. We both started in the trenchless industry in 2000 working for a small contractor that had decades of experience. This afforded us a great opportunity to learn from some of the best mentors in the country who specialized in those projects that other contractors avoided or walked away from because they said “it can’t be done” or “we need to dig and replace”. This firsthand knowledge and experience allowed us to gain vital perspective on the needs of the clients and tackle the “can’t be done” projects with people who know how to “make it happen”. After that contractor sold his business we were offered positions in New England and the Midwest. This gave us another priceless opportunity to work with more industry professionals and see an even greater diversity of systems, designs and technology. Now, armed with decades of firsthand experience, we can continue to grow and develop our own family of coworkers and trenchless professionals. We treat our employees like we want to be treated as we know what it’s like to be in this industry and the hard work it takes to complete these projects.

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection - KPI Sewer

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection – KPI Sewer