Cured in Place Pipe Lining

Cured in Place Pipe Lining Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP Lining)

CIPP Lining is the most efficient method of regenerating a new life to failing pipelines. Our liner consists of a polyester felt material that is coated and impregnated with a thermoset resin that exceed ASTM standards for strength and longevity. KPI utilizes the latest inversion technology in the trenchless rehabilitation industry to install our liners which is then heat cured through the use of steam or hot water, depending on various environmental and site conditions….

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CIPP Lining

Cured in Place Lateral Pipe Lining Cured In Place Lateral Pipe Lining (CIPL)

KPI employs similar techniques and materials as mainline lining to give lateral connections a new lease on life. Lateral connections, roof leaders, floor drains or house connections don’t always have to be replaced. We can line pipes as small as 3 inch and terminate the liner at your desired end point as the liner is cut to length on site. KPI has portable equipment that can access hard to reach pipes that may be in…

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CCTV Sewer Inspection

CCTV Sewer Inspection Services CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection of pipes ranging from 4 inch and up to over 120 inch. We use the latest in crawler camera technology to perform PACP certified internal pipe inspections. Camera systems have strengths and weaknesses so we have a few different unit types and configurations to offer versatility to get any job done. These camera systems have a rugged built stainless steel crawler unit with a mounted video camera designed specifically for harsh environments found…

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Sewer Vacuum Truck

Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation Services Jet Vac Services

KPI utilizes purpose built jetter vacuum combination trucks produced by Vac Con and Super Products that are made in America. We use multiple configurations to tackle any job. The Super Products unit is the latest technology that uses Recycled waste water to jet that increases production time over 50% so we can get more done per day without the need to stop work to refill at a fresh water source every 20 minutes like traditional…

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Cured in Place Point Repair

Cured in Place Point Repair Cured in Place Point Repair

Some pipes do not require a full structure to structure liner. KPI can install shorter liners, or spot liners, to fix broken areas, cover holes in the pipe, block broken and abandoned lateral connections, of prevent a compromised pipe section from future collapse. Spot liners are prepared on the jobsite using a fiberglass mat cut to size and thickness then coated with an ambient cured epoxy resin. These spot liners are a fast and efficient…

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Manhole Structure Rehabilitation

Manhole and Structure Rehabilitation Services Manhole Structure Rehabilitation

From manholes, vaults, special chambers to wet wells, inflow and infiltration can cost a significant amount to treat fresh water with waste water. Sealing and rehab of these structures will save money exponentially over the years and can prevent rain events from overwhelming the system that can cause overflow and exfiltration. KPI has a vast arsenal of products and methods to stop any amount of infiltration from entering you system and rehab to will prevent…

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Precision Water Jet Cutting

Precision Water Jet Cutting Precision Water Jet Cutting

Utilizing the ID-Tec SR Series Robot KPI can safely and efficiently remove a wide variety of obstructions from pipelines with surgical precision without the costly and time consuming process of digging. A single robot using high pressure low volume water can remove root blockages, from fine root balls to the biggest tap roots, calcium and mineral deposits, intruding service connections of any material, and grease released from failed grease traps. The SR series robot employs…

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Kenyon Pipeline Inspection - KPI Sewer

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection – KPI Sewer