Upstate NY CCTV Sewer Inspection Services

CCTV Inspection of pipes ranging from 4 inch and up to over 120 inch. We use the latest in crawler camera technology to perform PACP certified internal pipe inspections. Camera systems have strengths and weaknesses so we have a few different unit types and configurations to offer versatility to get any job done.

These camera systems have a rugged built stainless steel crawler unit with a mounted video camera designed specifically for harsh environments found in today’s sanitary and chemical sewers as well as storm drainage systems. The 6 Wheel Drive System allows for traversing over debris for the “CCTV Only” application as well as offering the traction for long distance inspection from limited access points. The camera has full Pan and Tilt capabilities with an impressive 40:1 Zoom to provide in-depth video inspection and photographs to document defects found throughout the inspection process. Wincan software has become the software of choice for most municipalities and private contractors. The user friendly and clear layout of the inspection reports and video data allow for quick data analysis. A viewer version of the software is provided as a finished product to allow the client to make copies and print right from 1 disc which links the reports with the video files. Addition photos can also be produced by the client with ease without any further field visits.

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Kenyon Pipeline Inspection - KPI Sewer

Kenyon Pipeline Inspection – KPI Sewer